Our Programs

Inspiring Performances

    CSB features five performances annually
    CSB collaborates with local musicians to continue our vision of performing with live musicians
    CSB’s wardrobe volunteers create, update, and alter professional style costumes for each production and each dancer


Community Engagement

    CSB partners with the community through events like parades and Longmont’s ArtWalk
    CSB creates awareness of performance opportunities through Senior Center Tours and video educational content
    CSB brings Petit Ballet Storytimes to libraries and schools, increasing free access to underserved audiences


Company Membership Enrichment

    CSB enriches the lives of company members by mentoring & coaching in a supportive, inclusive workshop environment
    CSB diversifies through open placement auditions & scholarship opportunities; welcoming auditionees from any dance school in the Front Range, & from any income bracket
    CSB develops transferable skills of leadership, artistry, autonomy, & confidence through the artistic process



    CSB’s newest program will be revealed very soon!

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